Time is Running Out for Students to Apply!

Encourage student involvement at the 2017 ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show 29 July – 2 August in Washington D.C.

Students have the opportunity to join us and network with like-minded professionals from around the world. They can learn about some of the newest research and arboricultural techniques, and take part in activities geared specifically for students studying arboriculture, urban forestry, horticulture, landscape architecture, or a related field.

ISA Student Ambassador Program

ISA will award 10 student finalists with a free conference registration and three nights of hotel accommodations for the 2017 ISA International Conference and Tradeshow. All awardees will be required to participate in pre-scheduled activities. Some of these events include conference opening ceremony, informal career fair on trade show floor, focus groups, and networking events. Some meals will be provided with these activities.

Arboricultural Research and Education Academy (AREA) Student Travel

AREA will award 5 grants to the top applicants. Grant recipients from North America will receive $500 (USD) and recipients outside North America will receive $750 (USD). Conference registration is also included. Student Travel Grant winners are required to give a ten-minute presentation in front of an audience of academics, researchers, and other conference attendees on Wednesday, 2 August 2017 at the AREA session.

How to Apply

Interested students can complete the online application by 1 March 2017.

No late submissions will be accepted. Please forward this information to the students in your network and give them the opportunity to join us in Washington D.C.

You are receiving this email because you are listed in the ISA database as professors, educators, and researchers and can help encourage student involvement by applying for the conference grants. If you do not wish to receive emails about ISA annual conference you must opt-out. 

International Society of Arboriculture
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AIC “Young Leading Researchers” Program

Discussion draft January 2017

Objective: To support the development of Indonesia’s capacity to produce researchers, and in so doing extend AIC’s engagement with Indonesia in a significant and distinctive way.


Students: 32-35 of the best advanced undergraduates (Honours equivalent) in social sciences (broadly defined) from AIC partner universities in Indonesia; 8-10 equivalent Australian undergraduates from AIC partner universities in Australia; gender balance for each institution/ overall.

Staff: (indicatively) 2 academics from each Australian AIC partner university; 1 academic from each Indonesian AIC partner university

AIC key stakeholders: There would be an opportunity for AIC key stakeholders (eg Board members, AIC coordinators) to join a networking event associated with the Program.

Program: A five day intensive program designed to inspire, encourage and help sharpen the research skills of the best advanced undergraduates from partner universities. The program combine active and passive learning, with a focus on:

  • Basic research skills – critical thinking, writing
  • Major contemporary themes and debates in a range of disciplines
  • Big questions facing Indonesia, including those AIC is addressing through its research themes, and how research is advancing them.
  • Careers in research (academic, think-tank, policy, private sector, NGO etc)

The program would be conducted primarily in English, and require a clear English capability.  Applicants would be nominated by universities on which they are enrolled, and selected based on written applications (including English and Indonesian language components). Participants will be required to complete some preliminary reading and writing activities prior to the commencement of the program. The program will be delivered by staff from AIC partner universities.

Timing and location: 10-14 July 2017; preferred location Novotel Bogor.

Outcomes: A cohort of the most talented young Indonesians with a much keener appreciation for research and greater motivation to pursue research training, including at AIC partner universities in Australia; a high-profile opportunity for AIC to contribute to Indonesia’s higher education/ youth sectors, and to further build the AIC’s reputation and presence within these sectors.

MoM: Pertemuan “Gifted Researcher Program”

ANU-Indonesia and IPB, 30 Januari 2017

Merupakan program rutin yang diselenggarakan oleh ANU. Selengkapnya dapat dilihat pada web site :

  1. Program ditujukan untuk mahasiswa S1 pada semester akhir yang sedang dan akan menulis skripsi
  2. Tujuan program : memberikan pengetahuan terkait research methodology, scientific writing skill. Iinterdispilin approach. Difokuskan pada social science
  3. Beberapa hal penting terkait dengan pelaksanaan program Gifted Researcher Program tahun 2017
  4. Peserta adalah dari 7 Universitas di Indonesia yang terlibat dalam kegiatan AIC
  5. Kandidat harus mampu berbahasa inggris (speaking and writing)
  6. Masing-masing PT dapat mengajukan kandidat antara 4-6 orang mahasiswa
  7. Mempertimbangkan kesetaraan gender
  8. Proses seleksi dilakukan secara internal oleh masing-masing PT
  9. Hasil seleksi yang dilakukan PT paling lambat diajukan ke ANU pada tanggal 1 Mei 2017
  10. Pelaksanaan kegiatan di Hotel Novotel Bogor, tanggal 9-14 Juli 2017
  11. Kandidat harus menulis motivation letter sekitar 500 kata sebagai alasan mengikuti program tersebut.
  12. Beberapa usulan dari IPB :
  13. Sebelum program dilaksanakan, peserta diberikan beberapa pertanyaan terkait dengan ekspektasi yang diharapkan dari kegiatan workshop tersebut
  14. Perlu ada tindak lanjut dari kegiatan workshop sehingga akan memberikan dampak yang lebih luas dari hanya sekedar workshop
  15. Lecture yang akan memberikan materi pada saat workshop akan diundang secara terpisah untuk dapat memberikan general lecture di IPB
  16. Prioritas mahasiswa S1 yang menjadi kandidat adalah yang terlibat dalam penelitan AIC pada “Urban Water Research Cluster”, “Energy Cluster”, dan  “Agriculture and Food Cluster”.

20170130_155800 20170130_155830 20170130_163437 20170130_163446

IMG_20170122_211556_666Student’s EXPOSE for Better Bogor

Revitalization of  river front PULO GEULIS and Ciliwung River PROMENADE in  Bogor Botanical Garden.



SITE VISIT – AIC Urban Water Research Cluster in Bogor

Day/Date: Monday/21 November 2016

Study Sites: Katulampa Water Gate, Griya Katulampa, Garbage Bank-Rangga Mekar, Pulo Geulis, and Sentul City

Site Visit Guidance Book, PDF File Click Here, Please



DAY/DATE: Monday/ 21th November 2016


Time              Activity Remarks
07:30 -08.00 Check out from Santika Hotel 1.       Prof. Hadi, Prof. Ana and Dr JaneCluster/SP Leads meeting

2.       Dr Christian, Dr Diego join with

with IPB and UI researchers  leave hotel for  site visit Griya Katulampa

NOTE: Luggage to be kept in the hotel front desk

08:00-08.30 To Katulampa Water Gate and Griya Katulampa (Settlement) Window survey urban transport system in Bogor City

NOTE:  Write Number of Cars

08:30-09.30 Site visit Katulampa Water Gate and Griya Katulampa Griya Katulampa is a local urban settlement which has unique water resource management.
09:30-10.00 To Rangga Mekar (Settlement) Window survey the urban transport system and the urban development in Bogor city
10:00-11.00 Site Visit Rangga Mekar Rangga Mekar is a sample of urban settlement in Bogor City which has a good community action for managing the waste problem.
11:00-11.30 To Pulo Geulis Window survey the urban transport system in Bogor city
11:30-12.00 Site visit Pulo Geulis High density settlement area in Bogor city with a multiethnic and cultural water landscape
12:00-13:30 Lunch in D’leuit Restaurant
13:30-14:00 To Sentul City Window survey the urban transport system in Bogor city (Jagorawi Highway)
14:00-14:30 Window survey by the car Sentul city is a new developed satellite city that concern to manage water in a better way
14:30-16:30 Leaving Bogor for International Jakarta Airport


*  Buku Kumpulan Makalah

** Buku Tantangan Generasi Muda dalan Pertanian, Pangan dan Energi

PIP Book the 2nd Ed

2016-09-09 DWI Cover_Pertanian Generasi Muda_FX-page-0

1 Kontrak Perkuliahan

Ilmuwan dan Pengetahuan

2 Sains-Pertanian dan Lingkungan Bag.5.1;5.2; Bag2.4
3 Sejarah Pertanian dan Pertanian Usaha Bag1.1
4 Cuaca dan Iklim serta Unsur-Unsurnya KM Bab 2*
5 Iklim Indonesia KM Bab 3*
6 Energi dan Daur Hara Kehidupan Bag.4.2;4.3;
7 Pangan dan Gizi Bag.2.1;2.2;2.3;2.6

8 Teknologi Pasca Panen Bag.2.6
9 Pertanian Non Pangan Bag.4.4
10 Agribisnis dan Agroindustri Bag.1.2;1.3
11 Bioteknologi Bag.6.1;6.2;6.3;6.4
12 Soilless based Agriculture (hidropronik, aeroponik, vertikultur, green roof garden, etc) Bag.5.2
13 Integrated Farming, Green Agriculture,  Renewable Energy Bag.4.1
14 Visi Pertanian Abad 21 – Green Economy Bag.3.1;3.2;3.3;


20160529_104552 20160529_104841

CIMG5233 CIMG5237


The 1st Student Summit For Better Bogor: Student United, Bogor Developed

Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

Pembicara: Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin, CV Click Here, Please

Moderator: Eko Cahyono (Sayogyo Institute – Pusat Studi dan Agraria Indonesia)
Acara: Diskusi Panel
Tema Materi : Masa depan pertanian di Kota Kampus Pertanian – PDF CLICK HERE, PLEASE

 Hari/ tanggal: Minggu, 29 Mei 2016
Waktu: 11.00-13.00

Durasi Penyampaian Materi: 15 menit (untuk masing-masing pembicara)

Tempat: Gedung DPRD Kota Bogor, Jl. Kapten Muslihat, Bogor

Media/Fasilitas: Mic, LCD, Proyektor

Deskripsi Kegiatan:

1st Student Summit for Better Bogor merupakan forum mahasiswa se-Bogor Raya yang digagas oleh Kementerian Kebijakan Daerah BEM KM IPB 2016 yang akan dihadiri oleh mahasiswa dan para pemangku kebijakan. Setiap peserta akan dibagi kedalam berbagai chapter yang akan membahas beberapa permasalahan yang ada di Kota Bogor. Isu yang akan didiskusikan yaitu isu pertanian, transportasi, lingkungan, dan sosial. Diharapkan acara ini menghasilkan sebuah output yang menjadi arah pergerakan bagi mahasiswa se-Bogor Raya yang mampu membawa perubahan dan memberi dampak baik bagi Kota Bogor.

Kondisi peserta: Mahasiswa tingkat 1 hingga tingkat 4

 Deskripsi Tema Materi:

            Masa depan pertanian di Kota Kampus Pertanian membahas permasalahan terkait berkurangnya lahan sawah dan petani di Kota Bogor. Mengingat semakin bertambahnya penduduk Kota Bogor namun lahan pertanian produktif yang ada di Kota Bogor semakin menipis, serta menurunnya jumlah petani di Kota Bogor. Lingkup pembahasan adalah faktor penyebab, peran pemerintah dan legislatif dalam menangani permasalahan, ide-ide solutif yang dapat digunakan dalam mengurangi permasalahan tersebut.

Point Materi:

  1. Faktor penyebab berkurangnya lahan sawah dan petani yang ada di Kota Bogor.
  2. Peran pemerintah dan legislatif dalam menangani permasalahan yang terjadi di Kota Bogor.
  3. Pandangan dan Ide-ide solutif yang dapat digunakan dalam menanggulangi permasalahan terkait pertanian di Kota Bogor.


Target Materi                            :

  1. Peserta dapat mengetahui penyebab dari inti permasalahan berkurangnya lahan sawah dan petani yang ada di Kota Bogor.
  2. Peserta dapat aktif berpartisipasi memberikan tanggapan dalam diskusi panel sehingga terwujudkan suatu solusi soluktif bersama antara mahasiswa, pemerintah, legislatif dan praktisi.

Catatan : Pembicara diharapkan hadir 15 menit sebelum acara dimulai.

Susunan Acara:

Durasi (menit) Waktu Kegiatan Pengisi
60 08.00-09.00 Registrasi + Community Expo + Penampilan Musik Sekretaris, Humas
3 09.00-09.03 Teaser 1st Student Summit PDD
7 09.03-09.10 Pembukaan MC MC
5 09.10-09.15 Sambutan Ketua Panitia Sugih Satrio W
5 09.15-09.20 Sambutan Presma KM IPB Danang S
5 09.20-09.25 Sambutan Wakil Rektor Bidang Kemahasiswaan Dr. Ir. Yonny Koesmaryono, M.Sc
30 09.25-09.55 Keynote Speech I (Walikota Bogor) Dr. Bima Arya Sugiarto
30 09.55-10.25 Keynote Speech II (Ketua DPRD Kota Bogor) Untung W. Maryono, SE
5 10.25-10.30 Pembukaan Secara Simbolis oleh Walikota dan Ketua DPRD MC, Walikota & Ketua DPRD
5 10.30-10.35 Photo Session (Pemberian Kenang-Kenangan untuk Keynote Speech) PDD, MC, Ketua Panitia
25 10.35-11.00 Coffe Break Konsumsi
120 11.00-13.00 Pembukaan oleh moderator (5 menit)


Eko Cahyono
Pemaparan materi oleh pembicara 1 (15 menit) Ir. Azrin, M.Si
Pemaparan materi oleh pembicara 2 (15 menit) Komisi B DPRD Kota Bogor
Pemaparan materi oleh pembicara 3 (15 menit) Ir. Ernan R, M.Agr
Pemaparan materi oleh pembicara 4 (15 menit) Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin
Sesi Diskusi (55 menit)
60 13.00-14.00 Ishoma+ Community Expo + Penampilan Musik Konsumsi, Komunitas, Humas
5 14.00-14.05 Pembukaan MC MC
60 14.05-15.05 Pemaparan Hasil dari setiap Chapter oleh Moderator (masing-masing 15 menit) Moderator
15 15.05-15.20 Photo Session (Pemberian kenangan-kenangan untuk pengisi acara (moderator & pengisi chapter)) PDD, MC, Ketua Panitia
10 15.20-15.30 Pengumuman Pemenang, Stand Community Expo Terfavorit dan Essay terbaik MC
5 15.30-15.35 Penutupan MC


SEMINAR IALI – Ikatan Arsitek Lanskap Indonesia



MATERIAL: DESIGN & MANAGEMENT OF WATER FRONT LANDSCAPE: management of water front landscape: lesson learn of green-blue landscape management in Indonesia – PDF FILE CLICK HERE, PLEASE

DAY/DATE/TIME: SATURDAY, 28 MAY 2016, 13:00 – 17:00


SURAT 159 permohonan pembicara pak hadi ok

20160528_163714 20160528_183028 20160528_183756 CIMG5179 CIMG5187 CIMG5192 CIMG5194  CIMG5209CIMG5195






20160525_083239 20160525_092724 CIMG4804 CIMG4821CIMG4837



Bogor, 4 April 2016

City Mayor of Bogor, Dr Bima Arya Sugiarto with Division of Cooperation/Secretariat of Bogor City, Urban Planning Agency (BAPPEDA),  Environmental Agency (LH), Tirta Pakuan Urban Water Company (PDAM) had a meeting with IPB Water Sensitive Cities (WSC) team on Monday, 4 April 2016 at 12.00-13.00.

Prof. Hadi Susilo Arifin leads IPB WSC Team, came to Bogor City Hall with members, as follows:

  1. Sub-Project 1: Benchmarking tools to develop leapfrogging programs (Prof. Budi Indra Setyawan and Dr Yuli Suharnoto)
  2. Sub-Project 2: Socio-institutional pathways (Dr Nurmala, and Dr Sofyan Syaf/absent)
  3. Sub-Project 3: Infrastructure adaptation pathways (Prof. Budi Indra Setyawan, Dr Nora Panjaitan, and Dr Yanuar)
  4. Sub-Project 4: Green technology pathways (Prof. Hidayat Pawitan, Dr. Nana Mulyana Arifjaya, and Dr. Suria Darma Tarigan/absent)
  5. Sub-Project 5: Urban design & demonstration (Prof. Hadi Susilo Arifin and Dr R.L. Kaswanto)
  6. Sub-Project 6: Learning Alliances (Prof. Handoko/absent, and Dr Sofyan Sjaf/absent)

As a Mayor of Bogor City and an alumnus of Monash University  Melbourne (Master of Art in Development Studied) and Australian National University Canberra (Doctor in Politics Science) , Dr Bima Arya Sugiarto welcomes to IPB WSC team to have a research collaboration that would be held in Greater Jakarta, specially in Bogor City. Bogor is recognized as rain city, due to has 4000-5000 mm annual precipitation. Therefore, it is very necessary how Bogor manage the sustainability of water resources.

Urban Water System-page-0

CIMG3781 CIMG3783

CIMG3787 CIMG3794

CIMG3796 CIMG3791


The Australia Indonesia Centre (AIC) – Cluster Investment Plans (CLIPS)

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