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Odd Semester 2018-2019

SUBJECT: Rural and Agricultural Landscape Course

Dear Beloved Students

Master and Doctor Degree in Landscape Architecture, Agronomy and Horticulture, Natural Resource and Environmental Management, Soil Science, Forestry, Silvy Culture, etc. With my pleasure to invite you to join this course, please.

ROSTER – Every MONDAY (have been started since 10 September 2018)

Lecture Time: 10:00 – 11:40

Practical Time: 13:00 – 16:00

Venue: Graduate Student Class Room – Landscape Architecture Study Program – Wing 20 Level IV


Week 1: Introduction Chapter of Rural & Agricultural Landscape

Week 2: Introduction of Agrofoestry Landscape Analysis (AFLA)

Additional Lecture PPT Material: Keynote Speech on Agroforestry National Seminar

Paper Material: Keynote Speech on Agroforestry National Seminar – Click Here, Please

Week 3: Characteristics of Agroforestry Landscape Analysis (AFLA)

Week 4: Driver Change of Agroforestry Landscape Analysis (AFLA)

Week 5: Agroforestry Landscape Analysis (AFLA) Methods

Week 6: Landscape Services of Agroforestry Practices

Week 7:  Ecovillage Oriented Base for Agroforestry Development


Week 8: Rural Pattern

Week 9: Rural Land Use & Sustainable Landscape

Week 10: Land Evaluation Case Study 

Week 11: Agroecology CLICK HERE; and Agroecosystem Development

Week 12: Multiple Cropping Analysis

Week 13: Complex Agroforestry

Week 14: Tree Crop Soil

Week 01: Introduction & Time Schedule

Video: A Landscape Approach: What, Where, and How?

Slide: TROPICAL AGRICULTURE – PPT Click Here, Please

Students TASK I: Drop your comments and discussion “A Landscape Approach” video  around  100-400 words by September 17, 2018 @ 13:00.

Week 02:  Slide Presentation – Rural & Agricultural Landscape

Students TASK II: –

Week 03:  Slide Presentation – NIAHS & GIAHS Perspective

GIAHS Indonesian Mapping, Click Here Please

GIAHS Videos:

1. GIAHS – Video English / French /Spanish

2. INTERVIEW Food security for millions of family farmers


4. GAFSA OASES Human Eden

5. China: Rice-fish culture, generating ecological, economic and social benefits

6. China: Rice-Fish Culture Implementation – GIAHS

Related China’s GIAHS videos Click Here, Please

7. GIAHS Peru – Andean Agriculture

Students TASK III: Drop your comments and discussion the GIAHS videos (Choose 1 topic only, please) around  400 words by October 01, 2018 @ 13:00.