EVEN SEMESTER 2016/2017:


ARL 621 LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY – 3(3-0): This subject concerns with ecological principles and concepts in the landscape, which is emphasized on landscape structure, landscape function, landscape dynamic and its heterogeneity. It is also concern with landscape conservation-management, and the methodology in landscape ecology as well (Hadi Susilo Arifin, Wahyu Q. Mugnisyah, and Syartinilia Wijaya)

Participants: Welcome for linked students from Study Program of Landscape Architecture (ARL), Natural Resources & Environmental Management (PSL), Integrated Pest Management (PHT), and Forestry/Biodiversity Conservation (KVT)

Class Room: Ruang Seminar Departemen ARsitektur Lanskap – Wing 13/Level VI – Dramaga Campus

Day/Time: Thursday/14.00 – 16.30

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin (HSA); Prof. Dr. Wahju Qamara Mugnisjah (WQM), Dr. Syartinilia Wijaya (SWI)

Week TOPIC Lecturer
I23 Feb Introduction: Syllabi & Time Schedule;Landscape and Principles HSA
II02 Mar Ecological Concepts in Brief (physical environment, aquatic environment, population, evolutionary, ecological comm, energy and matter in ecosystems HSA
III09 Mar LANDSCAPE STRUCTURE – PATCHES: patch origin and change, patch size/shape/number and configuration HSA
IV16 Mar LANDSCAPE STRUCTURE – CORRIDORS: corridors and their origin, structure/line/strip/stream corridors HSA
V23 Mar MATRIX AND NETWORK: Distinguishing a matrix, porosity and boundary shape, network, matrix heterogeneity HSA
VI30 Mar OVERALL STRUCTURE: Micro/macro heterogeneity, configuration of patches, corridors and matrix, contrast in landscape, grain size of the landscape HSA
VII06 Ap LANDSCAPE DYNAMIC: Natural process in landscape development (Geomorphology, establishment of life forms, soil development, natural disturbance) ADDITIONAL MATERIALS as follows:Blue Open Space Management in Jabodetabek (Hadi Susilo Arifin)GIAHS Mapping in Five Regions of Indonesia (Hadi Susilo Arifin) HSA
VIII13 Ap Mid-Test HSA
IX20 Ap LANDSCAPE DYNAMIC: The Human Role in Landscape Development (Modification of Natural Rhythms, Method or Tools Used in Landscape Modification, A landscape Modification Gradients) WQM
X27 Ap LANDSCAPE DYNAMIC: Flows between adjacent landscape elements (Mechanism underlying linkage, airflow and locomotion, soil flow, interaction between land and stream, hedgerow interaction with adjacent landscape element WQM
XI04 May LANDSCAPE DYNAMIC: Animal and Plant Movement Across a Landscape (Pattern and movement, Movement of animals, movement of plants, some species movement in Agriculture and pest control SWI
XII11 May LANDSCAPE DYNAMIC : Landscape Functioning (Corridors and Flows, Flows and the Matrix, Networks) WQM
XIII18 May LANDSCAPE DYNAMIC: Landscape Change (Stability, Meta-stability, Pattern of Overall landscape change, landscape dynamic, linkage among landscapes) WQM
XIV25May HETEROGEINITY AND MANAGEMENT: Heterogeneity and Typology (Landscape heterogeneity, animal response to heterogeneity, guidelines for landscape typology, The inherent hierarchy in nature, Ascending typology) SWI
XV01 Jun HETEROGEINITY AND MANAGEMENT: Landscape Management (Production in landscape, Major landscape type, landscape quality, modelling and landscape management SWI
XVI08 Jun Final Test WQM, SWI

VIDEO REFERENCES for Students TASK: write down the synopsis of each video based on your major perspective interpretation in landscape ecology field. Each synopsis of video should consisted 75-100 words, please. The comments or synopsis might be written in English or in Bahasa Indonesia.


23 February 2017 Meeting: VIDEO INTERPRETATION

Landscape Approach – Halimun Salak National Park


02 March 2017 Meeting: VIDEO INTERPRETATION

  1. Ecocity –

VIDEO Hadi Susilo Arifin in Healthy Living Program – Metro TV – Episode 7 ECOCITY DEVLOPMENT

  1. Biodiversity –

VIDEO Hadi Susilo Arifin in Healthy Living Program – Metro TV – Episode 8 URBAN BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION

  1. Greenery Open Spaces –

VIDEO Hadi Susilo Arifin in Healthy Living Program – Metro TV – Episode 9 GREENERY OPEN SPACE

  1. Landscape Ecology –

VIDEO Hadi Susilo Arifin in Healthy Living Program – Metro TV – Episode 12 LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY

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