WORKSHOP – AIC Urban Water Research Cluster in Surabaya

23-24 November 2016

Jelantik Room, Architecture Department  ITS

AGENDA Date Time
Urban Water Cluster – Strategic Project Leader Meetings:

Location:  TBD

Wednesday Nov 23rd 0800-1700
Chair:   Professor Ana Deletic

Secretariat: Jane Holden

Strategic Research Sub-Project Leaders
Benchmarking – Dr Briony Rogers, Prof Yuli Suharnoto

SP2: Governance – Dr Megan Farrelly, Dr Reni Suwarso

SP3: Modelling – Dr Christian Urich, Dr Adjie Pamungkas

SP4: Technologies – Dr David McCarthy, Dr Arseto Bagastyo

SP5: Design & Demo – Prof Diego Ramirez, Prof Abimanyu T. Alamsyah

SP6: Learning Alliance  Dr Jane Holden, Prof Dr Budi I Setiawan

Apologies  Dr Maria Anityasari


Time Issue Who
0800 SP teams meeting in groups to develop workplans

(SP1 and SP 2 via teleconference)

All SP leaders
12noon Lunch  
1300 Presentations of workplans, including research activities, budget, timeframes, resources

(30 minutes has been allocated to each SP)

1300: SP 1

1330: SP 2

1400: SP 3

1430: SP 4

1500: SP 5

1530: SP 6

1600 Meeting to discuss budget Prof Hadi Susilo Arifin, Dr Anisa, Prof Ana Deletic, Dr Arseto, Prof Happy
1700 Close