10 Great Places to Study Landscape Architecture in Asia

Department of Landscape Architecture – Bogor Agricultural University is the 2nd rank in ASIA. “PEKARANGAN” has notified in this news introduction:

After covering United States and Europe, we look at 10 Great Places to Study Landscape architecture in Asia.

In Indonesia, “pekarangan,” also known as home gardeners, are instrumental in developing and maintaining public open space. Just as in many other Asian countries, the reason there are grand gardens, palaces, plazas, and public parks is because of these dedicated home gardeners who have a connection to the land and a strong understanding of their climate, culture, and city.

Throughout Asia, there are many universities that offer landscape architecture undergraduate and graduate degrees. All of them provide students with an opportunity to study local landscape history and culture. This list of 10 great places to study landscape architecture in Asia is comprised of universities that stand out due to program content, geographical region, international study opportunities, or other unique facets.