FINAL TASK: Introduction to Agriculture Sciences Course (MK Pengantar Ilmu-ilmu Pertanian)

Dear Beloved PIP P-06 Class…

After you have learned 14 chapters of the Introduction to Agriculture Sciences (PIP) could you please write down here the comments regarding to your impression and dreams of the future INDONESIAN AGRICULTURE….

DROP your comments by Tuesday, December 23, 2014 @ 7AM

Coordinator of PIP:  Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo ARIFIN


SCHEDULE OF FINAL EXAM – UAS the Odd Semester 2014/2015

Day/Date: Tuesday/ January 06, 2015

Time: 10:30 – 12:00

Venue: Common Class Room & Faculty’s Rooms


References – Lecture Notes:

Book 1:
Nasoetion AH. 2012. Pengantar ke Ilmu-Ilmu Pertanian.  Litera Antar Nusa, Jakarta. 178p
Book 2:
Tim Pengajar PIP. 2012. Buku Kumpulan Makalah Pengantar Ke Ilmu-ilmu Pertanian. IPB Press, Bogor. 95p

The Lecture Topic in Each Meeting/Week, as follows:

Meeting No Lecture Topic References
1 Lecture Contract, Scientist and Knowledgement                                  PPt Material: Kontrak Perkuliahan Ilmuwan dan Pengetahuan Book 1 Chapter 0,1
2 Sciences; Agriculture and Environment  PPt Material: Sains-Pertanian dan Lingkungan Book 1 Chapter 2,3,4
3 History of Agriculture and Business AgriculturePPt Material: Sejarah Pertanian dan Pertanian Usaha Book 1 Chapter 5,6
4 Weather, Climate and the ElementsPPt Material: Cuaca dan Iklim serta Unsur-Unsurnya Book 2 Chapter 2
5 Climate of IndonesiaPPt Material: Iklim Indonesia Book 2 Chapter 3
6 Energy and Life Cycles                        PPt Energi dan Daur Hara Kehidupan Book 1 Chapter 7,8, 11,12,13 (Rev. Ed)
7 Food and NutritionPPt Pangan dan Gizi Book 1 Chapter 9,10 (Rev. Ed)


8 Post Harvest TechnologyTeknologiPPt Pasca Panen Book 1 Chapter 14
9 Non-Food AgriculturePertanianPPt Pertanian Pangan dan Non-Pangan Book 2 Chapter 5
10 Agribusiness and Agroindustry PPt Agribisnis dan Agroindustri Book 2 Chapter 7,8
11 BiotechnologyPPt Bioteknologi Book 2 Chapter 6
12 Urban Agriculture and Soilless based Agriculture PPt Pertanian Perkotaan dan Pertanian Berbasis Non-Tanah Supporting Reference: PDF Urban Agriculture Book 2 Chapter 4(Rev. Ed)Supporting Reference: Hand out URBAN AGRICULTURE
13 Integrated Farming, Sustainable Agriculture and Renewable EnergyPPt Pertanian Terpadu, Berkelanjutan dan Energi Terbarukan New Material
14 To Develop the Future Agriculture PPt Membangun Pertanian Masa Depan Book 2 Chapter 9 (Rev. Ed)