Subject:   21st URBIO newsletter – October 2nd, 2012
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Date:   Tue, October 2, 2012 8:30 pm
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Dear colleagues,

Just a few days in front of our 3rd URBIO conference in Mumbai we like 
to share with you the following news

1    3rd URBIO conference in Mumbai 8th–12th Oct. 2012: Urban 
Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation – latest 
update of the program
We are looking for a wonderful conference and interesting days in India. 
Please see the latest draft of the program

2    URBIO Advisory Board meeting during the 3rd URBIO conference in 
Mumbai on 9th October 2012
We will have an URBIO Advisory Board and CBO meeting in the afternoon of 
the 9th October. Important topics to discuss and decide are
1.    Further development of the CBO (City Biodiversity Outlook) 
including a research agenda for urban biodiversity, ecosystem services 
and design
2.    Preparation of URBIO 2014
3.    URBIO network personal matters (nomination of new Advisory Board 
members, further development of the network, possibilities for future 
funding through CBD parties from Asia etc.)

3    Invitation to COP 11 side-event “Best practices for biodiversity 
conservation in European urban areas”
The Swiss Federal Office for Environment (FOEN) and the International 
Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) invite you to the side-event 
“Best practices for biodiversity conservation in European urban areas” 
during the Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the 
Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Hyderabad, India on Friday 
12 October from 13:15 – 14:45.
This side-event will promote the exchange of knowledge, lessons-learnt 
and best practices that can contribute to conserve and manage 
biodiversity and ecosystems and increase the resilience of cities. In 
addition, the event will raise awareness and demonstrate the economic 
and social value of ecosystems services for the well-being of urban 
If you would like to participate, please send a message to:

4    Urban Biosphere Initiative (URBIS) launched
Recently, at the ICLEI Urban Nature Forum in Belo Horizonte, the Urban 
Biosphere Initiative (URBIS), was unveiled. URBIS is an open global 
network connecting scientists, researchers, policy-makers, architects, 
planners and environmental practitioners from across the world with 
local and sub-national governments to share, develop and implement ideas 
for creating more resilient, equitable and sustainable urban regions. 
The initiative will serve to transcend the science-policy interface, 
catalyze knowledge-exchange, and spur collaborative action, with the 
intention of forging harmony between cities and the ecosystems of which 
they are part. URBIS is therefore posited to contribute to the 
attainment of the CBD Aichi Targets... Please find out more at:
Also, please find the latest ICLEI newsletter with further information 
on URBIS, Urban Nature, Rio+20 Outcomes and ICLEI World Congress at

5    PostDoc position Urban Ecology Paris available
An 18-months postdoc position in evolutionary ecology is available in 
the laboratory “Ecology and Evolution” at the University of Pierre et 
Marie Curie in Paris. The postdoc is funded by the “région 
Ile-de-France” (Paris district). The postdoc research will be part of an 
interdisciplinary project that aims at studying adaptations developed by 
organisms living in urban environments. The candidate should have a PhD 
degree in evolutionary biology or ecology as well as good hands-on 
skills on bird manipulation. A good background in data analysis 
(statistics) and experiment design is also recommended. A driving 
licence is indispensable. All applicants from any nationalities are 
welcome. The work will be conducted under the supervision of Dr Julien 
Gasparini and Dr Adrien Frantz... If you are interested, please read more at

6    Master of Science in Environmental Governance
We would like to inform you about the open for applications for 2013 
academic year of the Master of Science Programme in Environmental 
Governance - Specialization in Biodiversity ( 
offered by the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies 
(UNU-IAS, in Japan. This programme is the first of this 
kind offered by the United Nations University after the UN General 
Assembly amended the UNU Charter on December 2009 to allow UNU to grant 
and confer degrees. The programme counts with the support of the 
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and will be 
build on the long work of UNU-IAS in the area of biodiversity. The 
objective is to support an academically grounded and practice-oriented 
formation in the area of biodiversity to accelerate the implementation 
of the objectives of the CBD at the different levels (local, national 
and international).

7    Upcoming Conferences

3rd Global Energy Basel Summit: New financing for sustainable 
infrastructure - Strategies for deployment – January 22nd-23rd 2013 in 
Basel Switzerland
    The Summit provides a multi-stakeholder environment for discussing 
effective, solution oriented strategies and policies for financing 
sustainable infrastructure. It brings together senior decision-makers 
from the public and private sectors. It showcases good practice for 
sustainable development in cities, by national governments and the 
private sector. The Summit serves impact-oriented investors who want to 
safeguard both their assets and long-term returns by identifying and 
investing in a pipeline of meaningful and profitable projects. The event 
incorporates an Investment Forum, where the GEB Graded Infrastructure 
Projects are presented.
    Please read more at:

7th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns: Geneva 2013 – 
April 17th- 19th 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland
    Governance and finance for sustainable development will be at the 
forefront of the 7th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns, 
which will take place in the City of Geneva. Geneva will provide a 
platform to foster critical and creative thinking, and take a step 
forward to realising sustainable development solutions at all levels. 
New answers will be sought to address the global financial crisis in the 
context of sustainable development and international and local 
governance for sustainability. The conference will offer plenty of 
learning and networking opportunities as well as the chance to mingle 
with those at the forefront of sustainable thought, practice, policy and 
implementation.

Resilient Cities 2013: Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation – 
May 31st-June 2nd 2013 in Bonn, Germany
    Resilient Cities 2013 welcomes papers for the next year’s congress 
on the following themes:
    • Risk and vulnerability assessment
    • Adaptation and resilience planning and policy making
    • Multi-stakeholder and community-based collaboration
    • Governance
    • Implementing specific solutions
    • Financing resilience
    Visit their website now to submit your contribution for a 
presentation, panel, workshop, poster session, Reality Check Workshop or 
co-event. The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2012. Please find 
more information at:

8    New Literature

Results from URBIO 2010 published
Various papers from URBIO members with results from URBIO 2010 have been 
published in Landscape and Urban Planning recently. Also, Landscape and 
Ecological Engineering will publish further such papers in the near future.

Best wishes from Germany and Japan, we are looking forward to meet you 
in Mumbai
Norbert and Mahito
President Office URBIO
Prof. Dr. Norbert Müller

Fachgebiet Landschaftspflege &  Biotopentwicklung
Dep. Landscape Management &  Restoration Ecology
University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Faculty LGF
P.O. Box 450155, 99051 Erfurt, GERMANY

Phone: + 49 361– 6700– 282 or – 269 (Office)