Course of Introduction to Agriculture Sciences (MK Pengantar Ilmu-ilmu Pertanian)

The odd semester of academic year 2012-2013 for  IPB General Class “Tingkat Persiapan Bersama” have started today, September 3rd, 2012.

Coordinator of PIP:  Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo ARIFIN

Lecturer, Rooster and Class Room of PIP – please CLICK HERE

References – Lecture Notes:

Book 1:
Nasoetion AH. 2012. Pengantar ke Ilmu-Ilmu Pertanian.  Litera Antar Nusa, Jakarta. 178p
Book 2:
Tim Pengajar PIP. 2012. Buku Kumpulan Makalah Pengantar Ke Ilmu-ilmu Pertanian. IPB Press, Bogor. 95p

The Lecture Topic in Each Meeting/Week, as follows:

Meeting No Lecture Topic References
1 Lecture Contract, Scientist and Knowledgement                                  PPt Material: Kontrak Perkuliahan Ilmuwan dan Pengetahuan Book 1 Chapter 0,1
2 Sciences; Agriculture and Environment  PPt Material: Sains-Pertanian dan Lingkungan Book 1 Chapter 2,3,4
3 History of Agriculture and Business Agriculture                                         PPt Material: Sejarah Pertanian dan Pertanian Usaha Book 1 Chapter 5,6
4 Weather, Climate and the Elements      PPt Material: Cuaca dan Iklim serta Unsur-Unsurnya Book 2 Chapter 2
5 Climate of Indonesia                           PPt Material: Iklim Indonesia Book 2 Chapter 3
6 Energy and Life Cycles                        PPt Energi dan Daur Hara Kehidupan Book 1 Chapter 7,8, 11,12,13 (Rev. Ed)
7 Food and Nutrition                               PPt Pangan dan Gizi Book 1 Chapter 9,10 (Rev. Ed)


8 Post Harvest TechnologyTeknologi Pasca Panen Book 1 Chapter 14
9 Non-Food AgriculturePertanian Non-Pangan Book 2 Chapter 5
10 Agribusiness and Agroindustry Agribisnis dan Agroindustri Book 2 Chapter 7,8
11 BiotechnologyBioteknologi Book 2 Chapter 6
12 Soilless based Agriculture Pertanian Berbasis Non-Tanah Book 2 Chapter 4(Rev. Ed)
13 Integrated Farming, Green Agriculture,  Renewable EnergyPertanian Terpadu, Pertanian Hijau dan Energi Terbaharukan New Material
14 The 21st Century Agriculture Vision – Green EconomyVisi Pertanian Abad 21 – Ekonomi Hijau Book 2 Chapter 9 (Rev. Ed)