Subject:  ICRAF- ASB Publications
From:  “van Noordwijk, Meine (ICRAF)” <M.VANNOORDWIJK@CGIAR.ORG>
Date:  Fri, June 8, 2012 1:31 pm
To:  “Hadi Susilo Arifin” <>
Priority:  Normal
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Dear Pak Hadi Yes,
please circulate or comment and refer to the website for the basic documents.
Best regards,
Meine van Noordwijk
Meine\(ICRAF\) wrote:
Dear all

In preparing for this, you may want to have a look at recent 
ICRAF- ASB Publications:
New Book: 
How trees and people can co-adapt to climate change: 
Reducing vulnerability through multifunctional agroforestry landscapes
PDF New Book : Measuring Carbon Stocks Across Land Use Systems: A Manual
New Book : Pengukuran Cadangan Karbon Tanah Gambut. Petunjuk Praktis
ICRAF Policy Brief 11: Improving carbon initiatives aimed at smallholders: 
Addressing opportunities and challenges through better communication
ICRAF Policy Brief 12: Making climate-smart agriculture work for the poor.
ASB Policy Brief 22: Recognizing traditional tree tenure as part of 
conservation and REDD strategy. Feasibility study for a buffer zone 
between a wildlife reserve and the + Lamandau river in Indonesia's REDD Pilot Province
ASB Policy Brief 23: On-farm timber production for emission reduction 
with sustainable benefits at the tropical forest margins
ASB Policy Brief 24: Why smallholders plant native timber trees 
away from the forest margin : Lessons from Leyte, the Philippines
ASB Policy Brief 25: Drivers and consequences of tropical forest transitions: 
options to bypass land degradation?
ASB Policy Brief 26: Agroforestry in REDD+: Opportunities and Challenges
Best regards
Meine van Noordwijk