Prof. Hadi Susilo Arifin’s Activity – Visiting Professor in the Graduate School of International Development and Cooperation (IDEC) Hiroshima University: April – July 2012

  1. Teaching one subject namely “Development Science I” with topic “Agroforestry Landscape Analysis”. The subject is conducted in every Friday at 08.45-10.15 (the 1st & the 2nd hour @ 45 min) room 201. One subject is given for 16 meetings in IDEC. Around 8 meetings are arranged for Prof. Hadi and others are shared to Prof. SUN from China.
  2. Helping Prof. Nakagoshi to supervise two master students, Mr. Bagus Dwi and Mr. Anjar Yogie Supriatna to prepare their presentation at the IAVS symposium in Korea. In addition, supervising them to write their master theses.
  3. Assigning as committee member of Final Examination of Doctor Dissertation for Mr. Kaswanto. The schedules are Apr 24th, 2012 for Preliminary Review and July 3rd, 2012 for Final Defense-Examination. Also supervise him to write his dissertation.
  4. Attending weekly seminar “zemi” on every Tuesday from 17.00 till finish. Encouraging all students of Landscape Ecology Laboratory to improve their presentation and research.
  5. As an invited speaker for presenting in Asian Seminar of IDEC, June 22nd, 2012. Topic: Landscape ecological study on sustainable bio-resources in rural Indonesia.
  6. Appointing as a reviewer for a book entitled “Low Carbon Societies in Landscapes” which is will be published by Springer on August 2012.
  7. Writing at least one paper together with Prof. Nakagoshi that will be published on International Journal.
  8. Organize one special session in the IAVS Symposium – South Korea.
  9. Finishing book writing: “Pekarangan Ecology” in Bahasa Indonesia.
  10. English tutorial for Bachelor-Master-Doctor students of Landscape Ecology Laboratory in every Thursday at 12.00-13.00 (every week); 13.15-14.15 (every week); 14.30-15.30 (twice a month)
  11. Attending IDEC Professors meeting – the first meeting on APril 20, 2012.
  12. Scientific presentation on a discussion forum of Indonesian students association (PPI) Hiroshima, c.a. in the end of April, 2012 (day, date and time TBC)
  13. Attending other seminars, symposiums, and workshops in Japan.


With Prof. Fujiwara, Dean of IDEC Hiroshima University. The first day as a visiting professor, April 02, 2012

Attending IDEC Faculty Meeting - Hiroshima University. 2012, April 20.