Landscape Architecture Study Program – Department of Landscape Architecture – Faculty of Agriculture

Graduate School of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)


Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin will start the even semester class of graduate program for Master and Doctor degree on Monday February 20, 2012.

The detail schedule, as follows:

1. Sustainable Landscape Management – Pengelolaan Lanskap Berkelanjutan (ARL 521)

Monday: 08.00-09.40 (Lecture); 10.00-13.00 (Practical Subject) – Venue: Department of Landscape Architecture W-20 L-4

ARL 521 SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT – 3(2-3): This subject discusses regarding the empowerment of landscape resources, solution of environmental problem, theory and implementation in sustainable landscape management. The course covering the principle of ecology, economy and socio-culture concerns in landscape management, strategy and policy. Students completing this course gain understanding of problem solving and arranging management plan (Hadi Susilo Arifin, Aris Munandar, Setia Hadi and Syartinilia Wijaya).

2. Landscape Ecology – Ekologi Lanskap (ARL 621)

Tuesday: 14.00-16.30 (Lecture) – Venue: Department of Landscape Architecture W-20 L-4

ARL 621 LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY – 3(3-0): This subject concerns with ecological principles and concepts in the landscape, which is emphasized on landscape structure, landscape function, landscape dynamic and its heterogeneity. It is also concern with landscape conservation-management, and the methodology in landscape ecology as well (Hadi Susilo Arifin, Wahyu Q. Mugnisyah, and Syartinilia Wijaya)



With my pleasure to invite the graduate students, both Master Degree and Doctor Degree to join in these courses, especially the related students from Study Programs of landscape Architecture (ARL), Natural Resources and Environmental Management (PSL), Agronomy (AGR), Rural/Regional Planning (PWD and PWL), Forestry (SVK), Soil and Land Resources (TNH), etc.

Bogor, February 17, 2012

Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo ARIFIN

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