Subject:   18th URBIO newsletter – revised version December 5th, 2011
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Date:   Mon, December 5, 2011 6:34 pm
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Dear colleagues,

We apologize to have sent you an incomplete version of the newsletter on 
the 1st December and now provide you with the corrected version:

1 Second announcement of the 3. URBIO Conference
“Urban Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation”
in Mumbai, India from 8th to 12th October 2012

We are happy to have for our 3. URBIO Conference Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, CBD 
Executive Secretary as patron and
the head of UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative, Pavan Sukhdev as first keynote speaker.

The second call for papers for URBIO2012 in Mumbai, India featuring 
conference themes and important deadlines is available. You will find it 
with this newsletter and at the new conference website Please distribute the call for 
papers further and take the opportunity to submit your abstract online 
for URBIO2012 as detailed at the conference website.

2 URBIO personal issues - guest researcher at the URBIO office in Erfurt

The URBIO head office invites post doc students or other scientists with 
own funds to work for one year as guest scientist at the head office in 
Erfurt Germany. You will work together with URBIO chair Norbert Müller 
especially in all URBIO issues at the interface between research and the 
CBD as well as in his current urban biodiversity research and lectures.
We will provide you with a workplace in our Biodiversity group at the 
University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, for further information see 
Please be aware that we have no own funds but can offer you very 
interesting work.

3 Second Meeting on the Implementation of the Plan of Action on 
Sub-National Governments, Cities and Other Local Authorities on 
Biodiversity, in Bonn, Germany, from 4 to 6 September 2011

We had a very interesting and constructive meeting in the wonderful City 
hall of Bonn with fruitful discussions and the official launching of the 
preparation of the Global Biodiversity Outlook I.
A Memorandum was signed in Bonn on September, 6th 2011 between the 
Stockholm University / Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Convention 
Secretariat to work together to produce the first edition of the Cities 
and Biodiversity Outlook (CBO-1). CBO will be a global initiative that 
will combine science and policy, where scientists from around the world 
will analyse how urbanization and urban growth impacts biodiversity and 
ecosystems, delivering key messages on the conservation and the 
sustainable use of natural resources to decision makers. It will be 
submitted to the second Summit on Cities and Biodiversity to be held in 
Hyderabad, India on 15th - 16th October 2012, just prior to the High 
Level Segment of the eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties 
of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

4 Third Expert Workshop on the Development of the City Biodiversity Index

The Third Expert Workshop on the Development of the City Biodiversity 
Index (CBI) was held in Singapore from 11 to 13 October 2011. The 
workshop was organized in close consultation with the members of the 
Global Partnership on Local and Subnational Action for Biodiversity, an 
open platform of cities, city networks, United Nations agencies and 
NGOs. It was a very productive workshop, because a lot of results were 
generated: the scoring of the indicators of the CBI was finalized; the 
roadmap of the contribution of the CBI to COP 11 and other global events 
(e.g. World City Summit 2012) was discussed; the involvement of 
additional cities to implement the CBI was organized; the inputs to the 
first edition of the City Biodiversity Outlook were defined.

5 URBIO on the IALE World Congress in Beijing in August 2011

URBIO held an advisory board meeting and had organized 2 sessions on the 
8th IALE World Congress "Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Environment 
and Culture" in Beijing (People's Republic of China), August 18-23, 
2011. Now you'll find the results of the advisory board meeting and the 
presentations of the URBIO session 1 and session 2 on our website.
For more information and the download of the presentations please visit
If you have questions and or comments about the presentations, we 
encourage you to discuss them in our URBIO forum

6 European Capitals of Biodiversity 2011 lead the way towards 2020 targets

Montpellier (France), Hannover (Germany), Szentes (Hungary), Kremnica 
(Slovakia) and Puebla de Sanabria (Spain) honored as “European Capitals 
of Biodiversity 2011”
Five European municipalities were crowned with the title “European 
Capital of Biodiversity 2011” in an award ceremony in Brussels on 
November 24th. Janez Potočnik, Commissioner for the Environment, handed 
over the certificates to the winners.
Read more:

7 Upcoming Conferences

-    Resilient Cities 2012 – 3rd World Congress on Cities and Adaptation 
to Climate Change – May 12th -15th 2012 in Bonn, Germany
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, the World Mayors Council 
on Climate Change and the City of Bonn are pleased to announce the new 
edition of the Resilient Cities congress series, the annual global forum 
on urban resilience. They are now officially opening the call for 
contributions for the 2012 congress and welcome proposals for 
presentations, panels, workshops, posters and co-events. The submission 
deadline is December 31st 2011.
For further information, please visit:

-    IEES/ZHAW Symposium 2012 – Eco-Cities and Ecological Engineering: 
New solutions through transforming traditional ways of thinking – 
26th-28th January 2012
Our world is approaching a phase where several resources will become 
scarce at the same time. The wealth and well-being of coming generations 
will depend on us being able to adapt our economies to the finite world 
that our planet actually is. Transforming today’s cities into 
sustainable eco-cities will be necessary. Ecological engineering offers 
a holistic approach, a wide spectrum of possible solutions and a wealth 
of business opportunities. It might well become one of the key factors 
in this transformation process. Major obstacle against this transition: 
conventions and paradigms in the minds of planners, engineers, 
architects and politicians. This symposium actively addresses these 
barriers and searches for ways - based on existing positive examples - 
to proceed beyond them.
Please find more information and registration at:

8 New Literature

-    Within the TEEB study is now available the following title, 
produced by André Mader, Shela Patrickson, Elisa Calca´terra and Jacques 
"The Economics of Ecosystems & Biodiversity TEEB Manual for Cities: 
Ecosystem Services in Urban Management"
You can download it at:

-    The proceedings of the ELCA Research Workshop – Green City Europe 
(24th May 2011), including contributions of URBIO members, is available 
for download at the website of European Landscape Contractors Association:

-    New Book: "Biophilic Cities: Integrating Nature Into Urban Design 
and Planning"
Timothy Beatley
Human beings have an innate need to connect with the natural world (the 
biophilia hypothesis) - any vision of a sustainable urban future must 
place its focus squarely on nature, on the presence, conservation, and 
celebration of the actual green features and natural life forms. A 
biophilic city is more than simply a biodiverse city, says Beatley. It 
is a place that learns from nature and emulates natural systems, 
incorporates natural forms and images into its buildings and cityscapes, 
and designs and plans in conjunction with nature. In Biophilic Cities 
Beatley not only outlines the essential elements of a biophilic city, 
but provides examples and stories about cities that have successfully 
integrated biophilic elements--from the building to the regional 
level--around the world.
Read more at:

-    New Book: " Sustainability in America’s Cities Creating the Green 
Editor: Matthew I. Slavin
"Sustainability" is more than the latest "green" buzzword. It represents 
a new way of viewing the interactions of human society and the natural 
world. Sustainability in America's Cities highlights how America's 
largest cities are acting to develop sustainable solutions to conflicts 
between development and environment. As sustainability rises to the top 
of public policy agendas in American cities, it is also emerging as a 
new discipline in colleges and universities. Specifically designed for 
these educational programs, this is the first book to provide 
empirically based, multi-disciplinary case studies of sustainability 
policy, planning, and practice in action. It is also valuable for 
everyone who designs and implements sustainability initiatives, 
including policy makers, public sector and non-profit practitioners, and 
Read more at:

-    New Book: "Singapore Biodiversity: An Encyclopedia of the Natural 
Environment and Sustainable Development"
Editors: Peter K. L. Ng & Hugh T. W. Tan
This first comprehensive guide to nature in Singapore sums up almost 200 
years of natural history study in Singapore, charts the rise of the 
nature movement in the nation and gives suggestions for sustaining this 
rich biodiversity into the future. The spectacular diversity of the life 
found in Singapore is described in over 1,500 alphabetical entries for 
virtually every known group of the more than 40,000 species of flora and 
fauna found here, and is illustrated with more than 2,000 photographs, 
maps, tables and charts.
Read more at:

We wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
We hope to see you in Mumbai, India, best wishes from Germany and Japan

Norbert and Mahito

President Office URBIO
Prof. Dr. Norbert Müller

Fachgebiet Landschaftspflege &  Biotopentwicklung
Dep. Landscape Management &  Restoration Ecology
University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Faculty LGF
P.O. Box 450155, 99051 Erfurt, GERMANY

Phone: + 49 361– 6700– 282 or – 269 (Office)