I have been as a counselor of general class (Tingkat Persiapan Bersama/TPB) students in IPB since September 1998.  For the academic year of 2011/2012 I have got 3 Classes, i.e. P-02 Class (Iyep Komala, SP and Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin), P-13 Class ( Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin and Dr. Roza Yusfiandayani, S.Pi); and P-14 Class (Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin and Drh. Supratikno, M.Si., PAVet.).

Fortunately, I have been teaching a subject of Introduction of Agriculture Science (Pengantar Ilmu Pertanian/PIP) in the class of P-13 and P-14. Therefore I have a good opportunity to see my students every week in this semester. At least, 5-10 minutes before start the lecture, or after finished the lecture we have a chance to take discussion regarding students problem/solution. However, in order to have close relationships we need a special time for gathering, whether indoor or outdoor activity.  Several gatherings have already done, as follows:

1. Gathering with P-13 and P-14 Students

Day/Date: Tuesday/ November 08, 2011

Time: 07.00 – 09.00

Venue: IPB Amphitheater, Academic Event Plaza, Dramaga Campus (It’s funny, most of students said this venue is GLADIATOR)

Agenda: Morning Fun, “Panduan Bimbingan dan Konseling Mahasiswa”, “Belajar AKtif di Perguruan Tinggi”, “Etika Kehidupan Kampus”, Free Discussion, and Giving Gifts for the best student of the PIP mid-test (UTS) mark.

Counselor:  Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin,  Dr. Roza Yusfiandayani, S.Pi., and Drh. Supratikno, M.Si., PAVet.

Participants: 50 students of P-13 Class  and 51 students of P-14 Class


2.  Gathering with P-02 Students

Day/Date: Wednesday/ November 16, 2011

Time: 11.00 – 13.00

Venue: IPB Al Huriyah Hall (indoor)

Agenda: “Panduan Bimbingan dan Konseling Mahasiswa”, “Belajar Aktif di Perguruan Tinggi”, “Etika Kehidupan Kampus”, Free Discussion, and  Giving Gifts for the active students in Q/A time .

Counselor:  Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin and Iyep Komala, SP.

Participants: 48 students of P-02

3. Discussion of  Leaderships Introduction for Counseling Team Activity

Day/Date: Thursday/ November 24, 2011

Time: 13.30 – 16.00

Venue: IPB Diploma Program – Cilibende Campus,  Jl Kumbang Bogor

Participant: Counselors of Diploma Student Program

Topic: “Pengebangan Soft Skill bagi Kepemimpinan: Pentingnya Aspek Kepemimpinan dalam Kegiatan Konseling”

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin

Participants: 12 Counselors of IPB Diploma Program


4. Gathering with P-13 and P-14 Students – IPB CAMPUS TOUR

Day/Date: Tuesday/ November 29, 2011

Time: 06.30 – 10.00

Venue: IPB Dramaga Campus

Counselor:  Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin

Participants: 43 students of P-13 Class  and 47 students of P-14 Class

The start point of CAMPUS TOUR was  Bung Karno Plaza, Landscape Architecture Department – Dramaga Campus – Auditorium Toyib Hadiwijaya – Arboretum of Forestry Faculty – SEAFAST – Al Huriyah Mosque – Historical site of Rubber Plantation/Latex Processing Factory – IPB Old Gymnasium – Amaryllis Guest House –  Pinus Students Dormintory – IPB Faculty Members Housing & Pekarangan – CIKABAYAN Research Fields (Plantations of rubber, durian, palm oil, coffee, cacao, bread fruit; the Final Destination was Cikabayan Green houses – interpretation of plants: ornamental plants of Studio-Pro ARL Collection; Agronomy and Horticulture researches of  cherry tomato, orange, jarak, sedap malam, aloevera, composting site, Pant Protection Research’s Green Houses, etc.

I have dished students up drink and local snacks of ubi manis (sweet poatato), singkong kelapa (cassava), and steam banana while having fun games.  Gifts of 10 pots of ornamental plant (parisota, song of india, and dracaena), 10 Bali key holders, and 3 bags were delivered for students as game winners.

On the way to students dormitory we have passed and interpreted the ranches field of Animal Husbandry Faculty, and Animal Hospital of Veterinary Faculty.

This program was held in order to give the first year student has deeper understanding regarding agriculture in general; to know the attainment of IPB, to initiate students appreciation for agriculture activities, and  to create entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture both on and off farm. Therefore, in this campus tour I gave some explanation to have good interpretation of campus landscape, environment, faculty/students and their activities.  I always give them spirit to love agriculture, and to have pride that agriculture as the best profession – FEED the WORLD….


5. Monthly Meeting of Counseling Team-TBK IPB

All IPB Counselors who are organized by Tim Bimbingan Konseling (TBK) have got a meeting on Friday, December 9, 2011 in Senator Convention Room – Faculty of Fishery – IPB. This meeting is a monthly meeting with the agenda of counseling activities report and evaluation, students problem and solution: IPB Dormitory, lectures, personals problem, etc. In this meeting also have discussed regarding the election of Counseling Team Leader that will be held on February 2012. In the previous meeting was decided that the Presidium team chair is me, with two members are Prof. Ani Madaniah and Dr. Sri Mulatsih.


6. Weekly Meeting in the end of PIP Class

As a counselor I supervise students in P-13 and P-14 Classes – TPB – IPB. Fortunately, they are my students of Introduction of Agriculture Science (PIP) Classes. Therefore, almost every week, specially in the end of meeting in the class we have got discussion, introduced soft-skill improvement through slide show, etc. around 10 minutes.


7. Personal Consultation

Personal consultation between counseling student with me have been holding through sms, telephone, email, BBM as well as directly consultation in my room (Wing 13 – Level VI Landscape Architecture Department) in this semester since medio of August till December 2011.  I always welcome for any student to call/contact me by IT media in any time.


Bogor, December 2011

Hadi Susilo Arifin