Agroforestry Landscape Characteristics of Karang Mumus River Basin, East Kalimantan 1)

Penny Pujowati 2) Hadi Susilo Arifin 3) Wahju Qamara Mugnisjah3)

1) Proceeding of Indonesia Network For Agroforestry Education (INAFE) Seminar in Mataram-Lombok, 27-29 January 2010
2) Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mulawarman (UNMUL)
3) faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)

East Kalimantan as the largest province in Indonesia has big problems, i.e. land degradation, floods, flora and fauna destruction, and contribution to change of global climate and global warming. 32,196.3 ha of Karang Mumus area is a river basin in East Kalimantan with high level of damage. At the present, there is 9,106 ha of marginal land inside of Karang Mumus watershed. The purpose of this research is to evaluate agroforestry landscape characteristic of Karang Mumus river basin. Based on spatial and temporal analysis with Landsat/satellite images by 1992 and 2007, the composition of settlement area was increased out from 1,277.1 ha became 1,926.9 ha. It was increased 649.8 ha (50.9%); the abandon land was increased out from 119.5 ha became 712.7 ha (495.5%); shrubs land was increased out from 25,297.4 ha became 25,762.1 ha (1.8%). On the contrary, cover type and land use form the wetland agriculture was decreased out from 1,034.8 ha became 807.8 ha (-21.9%); dry land agriculture was decreased out from 170.9 ha became 99.3 ha (-41.9%); and secondary forest was decreased out from 3,969.5 ha became 2,540.5 ha (-36.0%). Mostly of the lessen wetland of agriculture area, dry land agriculture, and secondary forest were caused by the occurrence of land use changing that they became settlements, shrubs land, and abandon land. Temporal analysis of Landsat image between 1992 and 2007 explained that land uses and cover types of settlement, abandon land, and shrubs lands were improved. Those changes have affected wetland agriculture, dry land agriculture, and secondary forest degradation.

Key words: agroforestry landscape, land use change, landsat image, landscape characteristic, river basin