Wednesday, 24 March 2010, ICRAF – Bogor

“Landscape Level of Agroforestry in University Education” 1)

Hadi Susilo Arifin 2) and Leti Sundawati 3)

1) Agroforestry as Locally Appropriate Adaptation and Mitigation Action (LAAMA): Half-day seminar to review the Agroforestry legacy of Dr. Laxman Joshi, Dr. Sonya Dewi and Dr. Jesus Fernandez in Indonesia.

2) Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)

3) Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)

Developing countries, included Indonesia has a great problem of poverty and several disasters such as tsunami, earth quake, flooding, typhoon, biodiversity lost, decreasing of water quality and quantities. Land use planning caused direct and indirect the general landscape of Indonesia towards segregated or integrated management of landscape. Some landscape of Indonesia should be evaluated whether such policies and some problems such as illegal logging, converted to other uses legal and illegal dramatically changed the function of forest and ecosystem. In such cases “landscape agroforestry” could be model to be used for maintenance the unbalance ecosystem. In order to respond this issue, since 2007 SEANAFE with five country members (Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) has been conducting research of agroforestry landscape analysis. It is agroforestry studies and researches on landscape perspective at watershed and local levels and at the dynamic of spatial and temporal scales. Based on the AFLA research results, curriculum framework was composed through AFLA in-country training. 24 universities of INAFE members participated in this training that was conducted on November 2008. Through the main streaming of AFLA, hopefully, AFLA curriculum framework could be improved by some inputs from the stakeholders. Lecture note of AFLA was established in the end of 2009. However, agroforestry itself, just a subject, which is delivered as a lecture course, whether in Faculty of Agriculture and/or in Faculty of Forestry. Especially, after DGHE issued SK No. 163/2007 regarding study program coding, some study programs or departments were merged. According to information from some INAFE universities member, that landscape level agroforestry is introduced through 0.5 – 3 meetings in the class of the lecture course of Agroforestry, Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Landscape, Watershed Management, Soil and Water Conservation, Community Forest Management, Social Forestry for Diploma, Under gradute or Graduate level. Some questions often come what the different of “Agroforestry Landscape Analysis” and “Integrated Resources Management”, “Integrated Watershed/River Basin Management”, “Land Use Planning”, “Land Capability and Suitability”, or “Land and Soil Conservation”. It is subject to be discussed to have understanding, clearly.

Keywords: ecosystem services, integrated management, landscape disaster, segregated management