HIKOBIA 15: 363-376. 2010

Impact of land use changes on landscape spatial pattern during two decades (1989-2009) in West Java region



The aim of this research was to analyze the impact of land use changes on the landscape spatial pattern in West Java, Indonesia, especially in four main watersheds. Those watersheds are Ciliwung (CL), Cisadane (CS), Cimandiri (CM) and Cibuni (CB) Watershed. The main focus of this research was to combine the land use change model and landscape metrics model with a comprehensive analysis of the impact of current land utilization landscape spatial pattern. These watersheds were also compared to determine the differences between the northern and southern areas. The data was analyzed based on the Conversion of Land Use and its Effects at Small regional extent (CLUE-S) model and Land Use Change model. Land use changes were hypothesized to have an impact on landscape spatial pattern such as patches, mosaics and matrixes by altering some processes such as altitude, slope, demography and biophysical condition, drainage and distance to some central activities. The population density and distance to urban area are significant impacted to land use changing. The landscape spatial pattern, particularly remaining (RE) patches was dominated in the southern areas (SAs) which were still has a value on forest area more than 50.0 %, in average. Additionally, the differences between the northern and southern areas were analyzed using the statistical stepwise regression model. The northern areas (NAs) had and continue to have a faster acceleration of land use changes compare to the southern areas (SAs). The average P value or the annual forest rate change of NAs is higher than SAs are 3.42%/year and 0.18%/year, respectively.

Key Words: impact of land use change, landscape ecology approach, landscape spatial pattern, watershed management. 

Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation Hiroshima University
1-5-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, 739-8529 Japan

Hadi Susilo ARIFIN
Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
Dramaga, Bogor, 16680 Indonesia