July, 10, 2011

Saturday morning, July 2, 2011 when I was in Taksaka Train on the way from Jakarta to Cirebon, I have got BB messenger from my high school friend, Lia Laksminara. She would like to pick me in Cirebon Kejaksan Railway Station up. Due to the station has been renovated, she is waiting me in Station Director Room. Wow, directly I remember my under-graduate student, Muhammad Amin Shodiq. He plans to have internship for holding landscape management in Gambir Railway Station Jakarta, Kejaksaan Railway Station Cirebon, and Bogor Railway Station next semester. I wish to seeing the Kejaksan Station Director to have a chance for my student conduct the internship in Cirebon Station.

When I get off from Taksaka train I had to go to down stairs of the station underpass to get another platform, then reach my friend, Ria who is waiting me in “Kepala Station” room. Thank you Ria… I have got an opportunity to see Bapak Adi Purwanto, Kepala Stasiun Kejaksan Cirebon (Director of Kejaksan Railway Station, Cirebon).

I saw some activities of station renovation…. It’s under construction. To tell the truth, I pride my home town, Cirebon. Kejaksan Railway Station is one of Cirebon City gates. There fore, I hope it will be the modern station in facilities, but still preserve the old colonial architecture as the heritage. “PUCUK DICINTA ULAM TIBA”. During I have been taking discussion with Bapak Adi Purwanto, I got some points that he eager to develop Kejaksan Station as clean, save, comfortable and beautiful station.

Before I leave his room for Bentani Hotel, the place that I will stay during in Cirebon for attending “Bhakti Sosial – Sunatan Massal – Dari Alumni SMA Negeri I Cirebon Angkatan 1979” on Sunday, July 3, 2011 I promise to ask my student, Muh. Amin Shodiq must contact Bapak Adi Purwanto as soon as possible. Four days ago I have called Amin, but unfortunately, he has been conducting KKP “Kuliah Kerja Profesi” in Tegal District until the end of August 2011. In order to inspire Bapak Adi Purwanto, then, I sent the highlight idea through the pictures. I composed more or less 200 slides of my traveling around the worlds, which are related to rail way station development by PDF File. Through this BLOG, I attached some of the slides. Enjoy the pics, please…..

Hadi Susilo Arifin in Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station - Track Gate

Nagoya JR Station-Hotel Tower

Hadi Susilo Arifin in 20th Floor - Nagoya JR Station Tower

Nagoya JR Station Ticket Counters

Ticket Vending machine in Hiroshima JR Station

Waiting Room and Shops in Okayama JR Station

Lockers in Okayama JR Station

Underpass in Okyama JR Station

Shinkansen Platform and track in JR Okayama Station

Waiting Room in Hiroshima JR Station

Garbage Boxes and Vending Machine in Hiroshima JR Station

Shinkansen Unreserved Car on the way to Hiroshima

Grand Central Station NYC US with my students

Underpass in NYC Grand Central Station

AMTRAK from Baltimore to Washington DC

Memorial Site in Washington Union Station

Interior of Washington Union Station

Hadi Susilo Arifin in Washington Union Station - The US