Subject:News from ICIMOD (31 March 2011)
From: “Nira Gurung”
Date: Thu, March 31, 2011 12:47 pm
To: Hadi Susilo Arifin
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News from ICIMOD (31 March 2011)

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings and Namaste from Kathmandu, Nepal!

ICIMOD opened its doors on 12 March 2011 to welcome its partners, the development
community, the private sector, and the public at large to an exciting knowledge-rich
and fun-filled Open House Day event. The event attracted more than 2,500 visitors,
young and old alike, from professionals to students. An array of activities such as
programme guided tours, a photo exhibition, technology demonstrations, documentary
shows, a street drama, a mountain quiz, stalls showcasing knowledge and products,
and games and food stalls created a festival-like ambience. A short summary is
available at as well as a video clip.

The Open House was preceded by an ICIMOD Nepal-Day knowledge sharing event on
‘Enhancing Climate Resilience and Adaptive Capacity in Nepal’. A large number of
representatives from the government, diplomatic missions, donor community, and
partner organizations took part.
We are pleased to share below some of our other news.

Happy reading!

Sincere regards,



ICIMOD held a series of events to celebrate ‘100 Years of International Women’s
Day’, on 8 March 2011. We were honoured to have among us Ms Anuradha Koirala,
Chairperson of Maiti Nepal and CNN Hero of the Year 2010 as the Guest of Honour and
Keynote speaker in an in-house programme and a one-and-half-day consultative
roundtable workshop. ICIMOD Gender Champions were also awarded on the occasion. This
and other related news can be read at
ICIMOD was honoured to have Prof Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Distinguished Professor at
the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, USA at
an ICIMOD Knowledge Forum on 22 March 2011. Prof Dr Ramanathan spoke on ‘Extreme
Vulnerability of the Himalaya-Tibetan Region to Global Warming and Air Pollution’. A short summary is available at

World Water Day 2011

Message from the Director General
Celebrating World Water Day 2011, ‘Water for Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge’

ICIMOD in the Media

Meeting the urban challenge by Dr Mandira Shrestha, 22 March 2011

Climate affects us all by Dr Arun B Shrestha, 23 March 2011

Press Releases

8 March 2011: Celebrating Mountain Women’s Achievements at ICIMOD
Celebrating the 100th Year of International Women’s Day

12 March 2011: ICIMOD – Nepal Day highlights opportunities in climate change adaptation

13 March 2011: ICIMOD observes third Open House Day
25 March 2011: Consultation meeting explores measures to reduce emissions of
short-lived atmospheric pollutants


Please apply through the ICIMOD Employment Online Application System

ERP Coordinator

Upcoming Events
Note: Participation in ICIMOD events is by invitation only, unless otherwise stated.

30 March-2 April 2011
International Workshop on Knowledge Sharing in Asia: Capturing and Sharing Project
Knowledge: Participatory Techniques
Kathmandu, Nepal
Daan Boom

2-9 April 2011
Experience Sharing and Learning Programme with Chinese Delegation DESER Phase II
Kathmandu, Nepal
Abdul Wahid Jasra

3-6 April 2011
International Workshop on Knowledge Sharing in Asia: Writing to Share Knowledge
Kathmandu, Nepal
Daan Boom

7-9 April 2011
International Workshop on Knowledge Sharing in Asia: Techniques and Tools
Kathmandu, Nepal
Daan Boom

9-13 April 2011
National Training on ‘Space-Based Information for Disaster Preparedness and Risk
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Amarnath Giriraj

13- 27 April 2011
Training on Participatory Integrated Watershed Management 2011
Kathmandu, Nepal
Kesar Man Sthapit

21-28 April 2011
Assessment of Effects and Impact of Climate Change Training and Field Assessment
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Nani Ram Subedi

2-6 May 2011
Workshop on ‘Strengthening North-South Cooperation in Climate Change Research: an
Initiation for the Upper INDUS River Basin
Zurich, Switzerland
Arun Bhakta Shrestha

2-6 May 2011
Huntsville, USA
Basanta Shrestha

9-11 May 2011
Regional Value Chain Sharing Workshop for HVPs
Kathmandu, Nepal
Giridhar Kinhal

23 -25 May 2011
Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting
Kathmandu, Nepal
Andreas Schild

25-28 May 2011
Extraordinary Board Meeting
Kathmandu, Nepal
Andreas Schild

18-27 May 2011
REDD ITC training
Kathamandu, Nepal
Hammad Gilani


Note: All publications can be downloaded from ICIMOD Books-Online
Books and booklets
Framework for Valuing Ecosystem Services in the Himalayas (2011)

Labour Migration and Remittances in the Mountains of Pakistan : Report of the Case
Study (2010)

Labour Migration and Remittances in Nepal : Report of the Case Study (2010)


Knowledge Management for Mountain Development: Knowledge and technologies for
mountain development, Spring No. 58 (2011)
Information Sheets
Black Carbon in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region (2011)

Promoting Herbal Gardens in Schools: Revitalising traditions of herbs and their use

APMN Thematic Digests

The Asia Pacific Mountain Network (APMN) project of ICIMOD prepares periodic digests
on various themes of international importance

* Mountain Climate Change, Issue 20 (25 March 2011)

* Mountain Livelihood and Technology, Issue 20 (18 March 2011)

* Special Digest on Youth, Issue 08 (11 March 2011)

Articles by ICIMOD staff in journals, books and other publications
Gurung, DR; Kulkarni, AV; Giriraj, A; Aung, KS; Shrestha, B; Srinivasan, J (2011)
‘Changes in seasonal snow cover in Hindu Kush-Himalayan region.’ The Cryosphere
Discussion, 5: 755-777

Karky, BS; Rasul, G (2011) ‘The cost to communities of participating in REDD+ in
Nepal’. In Skutsch, M (ed) Community forest monitoring for the carbon market:
Opportunities under REDD, pp 107-117. London: Earthscan
Skutsch, M; Zahabu, E; Karky, BS; Danielsen, F. (2011) ‘The costs and reliability
of forest carbon monitoring by communities’. In Skutsch, M (ed) Community forest
monitoring for the carbon market: Opportunities under REDD, pp 73-81. London:

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