Dear All students and young faculties
Herewith I pasted a message from Anne Scheneller, Coordinator of Sponsored Student Recruitment, Michigan State University, as follows:
Anne Schneller February 11 at 6:27pm
Hi Deddy,
I’d love to get inquires from as many Indonesian students as possible. Thanks for being such a good ambassador for MSU.
Anne Scheneller
Coordinator of Sponsored Student Recruitment
Michigan State University
207 International Center
East Lansing, MI 48824-1035, USA
Phone: +1-517-884-2145; Fax: +1-517-353-7254
Anne Schneller February 8 at 9:49pm
By all means, please give my email address to anyone who wants more information about study at MSU. Here are some other good web sites you might include in your talk: (a list of all graduate departments at MSU. And on the Graduate School web site is a video of me explaining the application process:

If you are using a Power Point presentation, you can just put up these web sites, and my email address.

Thanks so much!