Dear colleagues,

With the best wishes for 2011 we send you the latest news:

1 Outcome of COP 10 related to cities

- The presentations of the City Biodiversity Summit you can find at

- To get further information on the “Plan of Action on Sub-National 
Governments, Cities and Other Local Authorities for Biodiversity 
2011-2020”please visit

2 Further Information on the Global Partnership

- Please find the outcome of the last Telephone Conference on

- In the moment the first meeting on the Implementation of the “Plan of 
Action on Sub-National Governments, Cities and Other Local Authorities 
for Biodiversity 2011-2020” is running in Montpellier

3 Outcome of recent conferences:

- URBIO 2010 – The Keynotes of URBIO 2010 are now available on

- Outcome Cracks in the Concrete Jungle Conference Berlin – The 5th 
International Congress on Urban Ecology was held from 22nd to the 24th 
of October 2010 in Berlin, its conference proceedings & material, 
pictures and most of the presentations are available at

- Outcome Stockholm EU Green Capital Conference – You can get the 
presentations of the EU Green Capital Conference in Stockholm from 
October 14th-15th 2010 at

4 Upcoming URBIO meetings and Conference

- For the 8th IALE World Congress, 18-23- August, 2011 in Beijing, China 
( we will organize two “URBIO” sessions:
 > Benchmarking biodiversity towards a sustainable city (Chairs: Y. 
Morimoto, M. Kato, N. Müller)
 > Design for Biodiversity in Cities – a Global Overview (Chairs: N. 
Müller, M. Ignatieva, Z.-H. Kong)

- The next URBIO conference will focus on “Urban biodiversity and 
Climate Change” and take place in India before COP 11. We are very happy 
that Prof. Haripryia Gundimeda - the Joint Local and Regional 
Policymakers and Administrators Coordinator for the famous TEEB study - 
will organize it in autumn 2012.

5 Further upcoming Conferences

- 12th Digital Landscape Architecture Conference & 1st Summer School on 
“Future Teaching Challenges in Landscape Architecture” – May 25th-28th, 
2011 in Dessau & Bernburg, Germany
The Anhalt University in Dessau and Bernburg, Germany is hosting the 1st 
Summer School “Future Teaching Challenges in Landscape Architecture” and 
the parallel 12th Digital Landscape Architecture Conference. They will 
focus on education with digital methods and tools, subthemes include 
teaching climate change as well as biodiversity planning and design.
For further information visit

- International Conference “Landscape Architecture Projects: from Theory 
to Technical Implementation. New Tendencies and Perspectives” – June 
1st-3rd, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia
Among the sub themes will be “innovative approaches in landscape 
architecture and their implementations (sustainable design, green roofs, 
green walls, etc.).
More information at

- Resilient Cities 2011, 2nd world congress on “Cities and adaptation to 
climate change” – June 3rd-5th, 2011 in Bonn, Germany
Resilient Cities was launched in 2010 with the objective of becoming the 
definitive global platform for approaches and solutions regarding 
climate change and resilience-building in the urban environment. In 2011 
it will continue to cast light on the challenges of climate change and 
support the rising momentum of local adaptation and resilience 
strategies worldwide.
To read more see

- International seminar “Synthesizing Different Perspectives on the 
Value of Urban Ecosystem Services” – July 15th-16th, 2011 in Łódź, Poland
The seminar will be hosted by University of Łódź, in partnership with 
the Sendzimir Foundation and the European Regional Centre for 
Ecohydrology under the auspices of UNESCO. Contributions on the value of 
urban ecosystem services and the possibility to synthesize different 
perspectives on this value are welcome.
Information available at

- Montreal Ecocity 2011 World Summit “People. Ecology. Urbanity. Moving 
towards Ecocities.” – August 22nd-26th, 2011 in Montreal, Canada
Main topics of the Ecocity World Summit are ecological themes like 
climate change and biodiversity; sociological themes like democracy, 
arts and culture in the ecocity; and economical themes like mobility, 
finances and planning. Deadline for registration of presentations, 
sessions and other ideas is the 31st of January 2011.
More information at

- 2nd IALE Europe Symposium on the “Implementation of landscape 
ecological knowledge in practice” - September 20th-22nd, 2011 in Laufen, 
The main topics circle around how to implement scientific knowledge and 
progress into practical urban planning and development as well as 
decision making. Also, there will be given best practice examples from 
Please

Best wishes from Germany and Japan

Norbert and Mahito

Norbert Müller1 - URBIO, n.mueller(et) and
Mahito Kamada - URBIO, kamada(et)

1 President Office URBIO
Prof. Dr. Norbert Müller

Fachgebiet Landschaftspflege &  Biotopentwicklung
Dep. Landscape Management &  Restoration Ecology
University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Faculty LGF
P.O. Box 450155, 99051 Erfurt, GERMANY

Phone: + 49 361– 6700– 282 or – 269 (Office)