Prof. Hadi Susilo ARIFIN, during he has been conducting Program of Academic Recharging (PAR) – B as a visiting scholar in Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resources Studies in Michigan State University, East Lansing, US since October 2010 to January 2011, he has main tasks, i.e. writing scientific articles for International journals and writing books in Bahasa Indonesia.  Among of his activities in this program, he also wrote  some popular articles, such as (1) GOLDEN OCTOBER: Fenomena Lanskap Di Negara Empat Musim (Landscape Column) ; (2) ELEMEN ETNIK, Duta Indonesia di Luar Negeri (Interior Column).

The above popular articles will be published in MAJALAH TREN (Interior, Arsitektur & Gaya Hidup) –  January 2011 Edition. It would be distributed to the market in the first week of January 2011.  Golden October tells regarding the colorful of landscape of the autumn in Michigan State University campus, East Lansing. Then, Elemen Etnik tells about his friend house in Dallas, Texas, which has special interior design. Both articles of landscape and interior are colorful printed in six pages, respectively. Hopefully, those articles can inspiring Majalah TREN readers and particularly, you….

Kindly, find majalah TREN – January 2011 edition out in the nearest kiosk or bookstore of your city in Indonesia :-)