November 27, 2010 – December 07, 2010

I have spent eleven days for traveling to the Eastern Coast of America.

The itinerary, as follows:

Nov. 27, 2010: East Lansing – Detroit metropolitan Airport (Michigan Flyer); Detroit – Baltimore/ Baltimore – LaGuardia International Airport (Southwest Air).  Sight seeing to Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, Manhattan Times Square, Rockefeller Center – light up exhibition (Stay at Forest Hills, Harrow Street, Dr Dani house)

Nov. 28, 2010: Interpretation of Central Park NYC, Metropolitan Museum of Art, China Town, Little Italian and Crossing Brooklyn Bridge (With my the internship students of IPB-Summer Hill: Chandra Feriansyah, Kalla Primista, Samuel Sebastian, and Benekditus Endy).

Nov. 29, 2010: Battery Park, Liberty Statue in Liberty Island, Ellis Island, Wallstreet, Broadway, Zero Ground of WTC  with Dr. Syarifah Iis Aisyah

Nov. 30, 2010: New York City – Philadelphia (Greyhound Bus), Philadelphia City tour in Market Street (stay in Comfort Hotel Historic Area – in the water front of Delaware River with  Benjamin Franklin Bridge between Philadelphia – New Jersey) – Old City cultural District,  Independence National Historic park, National Constitution Center, Franklin Square, China Town)

Dec. 01, 2010: it was raining…. stay at the Hotel. Philadelphia – Baltimore (Greyhound Bus).  Washington Monument & Mount Vernon Cultural District, Charles Street, Harborplace (Stay at Suite Baltimore Hotel – Madison Street)

Dec. 02, 2010: Walters Art Museum, Harbor Cruises, Baltimore Visitor Center,  Maryland Science Center. Penn Railway Station Baltimore – Union Station Washington DC (by Northern East Regional Train). The US Capitol, Washington Botanic Garden, Malls, VoA Building and Interview Program by Dhania W. Iman (International Broadcaster – Indonesian Service – Trijaya FM – broadcasting on Monday Dec. 06, 2010), the US National Monument, White House (Stay in Fairfax-Virginia, Mbak Tini-Utami Widjajati Hussin apartment)

Dec. 03, 2010: George Mason Univervisity-Fairfax Virginia, Lincoln Memorial, the US National Monument, The American Indian Museum, Malls, The US Capitol, the Library of Congress,  Indonesian Embassy, Dupont Circle, China Town, Fairfax (Apartment of Mbak Tini, Utami Widjajati Hussin).

Dec. 04, 2010: Fairfax-Virginia, Dulles International Airport Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas DFW-Texas (Delta Air) – City Nite Light Up Tour – Stay in Kessler (Erwin Latief House)

Dec. 05, 2010: Turtle Creek Luxury Housing Property, Highland Park Village, Boy Scout Hill, Ridgewood/Belcher Recreation Center, Stevens Park, North Park Shopping Center (the biggest one in Dallas).

Dec. 06, 2010: Trinity Levee Trail, Trammel Crow Lake – Trinity Park, Trinity Natural Lake/Trinity Overlook, Jesse R Dawson State Jail, The Black Cutter Park, Dallas City Hall, Main Street Garden, Kessles Housing

Dec. 07, 2010: Love Field Dallas Airport – Houston – Chicago – Detroit (Southwest Air), Detroit – East Lansing (Michigan Flyer)

So amazing traveling :-)

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