November 06, 2010.

Saturday mid-night at 00.00: my daughter, Deska HS Arifin had called me by Skype, but, 3-4 minutes we had been chatting, I have got a surprising birthday, suddenly my apartment-mate, Teddy knocked my room. Wow… some Indonesian and Chinese friend have already in the apartment with birthday cake while sing a birthday song….  Thank you so much Teddy, Yudi, Dwi, Putri, Ainur, Jeffrey & Wang Jin.

In the morning at 10 AM, Prof. Schultink picked me up from the apartment to celebrate my birthday in his house in Willianston Township. Madam Joane Schultink served us special lasagna, garlic bread, and homemade birthday tart.

Even though, I am far away from my beloved family, but, I am not alone right here. Thanks GOD…..

East Lansing, MI, US

Deddy Hadi Susilo Arifin