Wed, September 22, 2010, Venue: Citrus Cafe, Tebet Jakarta. Spontaneously, 16 alumni of SMANSA Cirebon – Graduates Batch 1979 had a reunion in TIS Plaza, Tebet Jakarta.  Hadi Susilo ARIFIN (Bogor), who just have ended the workshop in Bidakara Hotel was welcomed by Jodi, Imron & Budi (Jakarta) to have a lunch together. In the afternoon, Asep Dadat (Tangerang) and Hasyim (Bandung) have joined this group. Then other alumni came in the evening, i.e. Daryanto, Yola, Dewi, Raden Handi, Yulie (Jakarta), Purwantoro, Ellis (Depok),Ati (Bekasi), Dian and Enison Sinaro (Jakarta).