Selam from TURKEY  (Dr. MUSTAFA VAR)

Rabu, 1 September, 2010 03:08
Dari: “Mustafa Var” <>

Dear Brother Arifin,

I hope you are fine since we last met, which has been a long time ago. How about you and your family. Everything  OK.

By the way as you probably know; after the year 2003, which was celebrated as year of Turkey in Japan, in Turkey we are celebrating 2010 as the year of Japan. Because of this special year, there are many organizations regarding Japan in Turkey and one of them is our scientific symposium, The 1st International Symposium on Turkish & Japanese Environment and Forestry, which are being held in Trabzon in 4-6 November 2010. You can check it out on

If you did not hear about that so far, it is our fault, so I kindly ask you to forgive us. Although the time before which the abstract should have been sent is already over, we are still a space for 3 my scientific guests. Therefore I will be glad if you and people around you can give us a honor by attending our symposium. The researches do not have to interest both of Turkey and Japan, it is desired though. Therefore any special value for Japanese environment and forestry , global or Indonesian environment,forestry will be welcomed by the scientific committee. We will be glad if we can see you and people around you in Turkey for the symposium.

My regards to your family.
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