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Himalayan Libraries Online (Kathmandu, 27 August 2010)

If everything begins with an idea and knowledge is the foundation of all progress,
libraries will continue to play an important role in development, especially in the
age of knowledge and knowledge-based societies. Dramatic changes in digital
technologies, in fact, have had transformative implication for the libraries of the
future and the way we manage and order knowledge and information.

Sixteen senior librarians from six Himalayan countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh,
China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan) that are members of the Himalayan University
Consortium (HUC) met in Kathmandu, Nepal from 26-27 August 2010 to map a plan of
action that would better link the Himalayan university libraries and their
respective library collections. The benefits are many and include, among others,
that research done in the region will be more accessible and visible to the world at
large and can be used to better serve the people and development initiatives.
Libraries linked will provide greater access to regional knowledge including grey
literature and Ph.D. dissertations, and easier access within and outside the region
to regional research. This trend is in keeping with the trend of libraries all over
the world towards greater network access in a seamless world made possible by
digital technology.

6D3A00]ICIMOD convened the Himalayan University
Consortium librarians meeting with support from Elsevier Foundation. Following
inauguration of the workshop by Acting Director General Madhav Karki, and keynote
speeches from the chief librarians of Beijing University, Dr. Ming Zhang, and Rajesh
Kumar from TERI, Delhi, librarians from representative Himalayan University
Consortium members each presented the state of library development in their
respective institutions.

Dr. Karki underscored the crucial and strategic importance of academic collaboration
across the Himalayas to scale up development efforts and realise long-term effects
across the Himalayas. During the Himalayan University Consortium's third meeting
hosted by the Indian consortium members in Dehradun, HUC proposed to map the
knowledge of Himalayan universities and look into options of connecting their
libraries, taking into account, limitations put forward by copyright protection.
This meeting was in response to this call. Gaining from the exchange of experiences
and knowledge on digital library concepts, the participants drew a Plan of Action on
the second day towards better linked HUC libraries.

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The Himalayan University Consortium (HUC) is a joint initiative of academic
organisations involved in Sustainable Mountain Development (SMD) in the Himalayas.
It was formed in March 2007 during the Consortium's first regional workshop held at
ICIMOD. Formation of the Himalayan University  Consortium aimed to promote
mountain-specific curriculum development in higher education and collaborative
training, research, and outreach. HUC has 15 member-universities and centres of
learning from countries across the Himalayas, and 10 associate members universities
and centres of excellence from other regions of the world.


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