The first meeting of the old and the new of Commission’s chairs of IPB Professor Board (Dewan Guru Besar IPB) on Thu, June 10, 2010 at 09:00 – 11:00 in Vice Rector Meeting Room – IPB. Meeting was conducted by Prof. Endang Suhendang and Prof. Roedhy Poerwanto. The old commission chairs (2007-2010) are Prof. Meity Sinaga, Prof. Hadi Susilo Arifin, Prof. Tun Teja, Prof. Wasrin Syafei, and Prof Kudang Boro Seminar. And The new commission chairs are Prof Hadi Susilo Arifin and Prof Iman Wahyudi, Prof. Alex Hartana, Prof Naik Sinukaban, Prof. Raharjo and Prof Clara Kusuharto. Agenda: Brain storming of Commission program.